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Content Marketing Services in the Philippines

Content grows your business. You need clear and compelling content for an effective digital marketing strategy. Capr Digital helps you set that strong foundation and meet your content production needs to open more opportunities for your growth.

article writing

Article Writing

Answer your target markets' pain points, position your business as an industry expert, drive traffic to your site, and guide potential buyers through their journey. Our writers produce blog posts, content pillars, infographic articles, ultimate guides, and other types of content to achieve all of these.

web copy

Web Copy

Boast of a fancy-looking website without sacrificing your content. Improve your web copy such as the product and services pages, homepage, categories, and more. We'll craft your web pages to attract your market’s attention and effectively communicate what you want them to know.

ad copy

Ad Copy

Make your ad messages more catchy and persuasive to your target market. Create a brand recall. Whether you need a copy for Facebook ads, social media posts, or online display ads, we'll mix and match the right words to drive the right action from your customers.

press release

Press Release

Disseminate brand information that your target market needs to know. Through our press releases, you can deliver newsworthy content to the right audience. We'll ensure every press release generates publicity, meets the right criteria, and is enriched with best SEO practices.

Our process

Research & Ideation

At Capr Digital, we take time to learn about your target audience, customer personas, your business, and even your competitors. This is how we set the foundation for content that echoes with your audience. It’s important to have a clear picture of who we’re talking to and understand their pain points before creating articles and web copies.

Content Development

After the research process, we conduct a brainstorming session to start with a cloud of topic ideas—from straightforward blogs, pillar articles, up to content topics that naturally attract links. All of these are done to ensure the content strategy lines up with your business goals.

Each content goes through a strict quality assurance process to ensure the output’s tone and intention match with the goal. Behind the paragraphs of the drafts are strategic messaging, emotional triggers, and call to actions that speak to your potential customers.

Content Promotion

Content marketing and social media work well together. We will promote your content on social media for better exposure, to increase brand awareness and encourage engagement, and to demonstrate your brand value. 

We also ensure each content is optimized to work in sync with your SEO strategies—making every piece of content not only subjectively compelling and attractive to your audience but also technically coherent to show up on search engines.

Why brands choose us

At Capr Digital, we don’t just create content willy-nilly for our clients. We promise to develop tailor-made strategies and generate data-driven output that delivers quantifiable results. Our team expertly creates a content plan unique to your business at a flexible, cost-effective pricing.

Capr Digital is composed of versatile and highly skilled digital marketers and PR professionals. We have a combined 30 years of experience in the content marketing and PR industries. 

Our goal is straightforward: we help businesses build brand awareness, establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry, amplify their traffic, and connect content to revenue. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing, Capr Digital can devise a unique content marketing strategy to come up with your brand voice.

content marketing services

What our clients say about us

"The work done on my website has been incredibly valuable. I have noticed a large upturn in organic traffic directly related to the SEO work that was carried out. I was nervous about employing somebody from overseas (I’m based in the UK), but the distance has been no problem at all. The team is always quick to respond to any queries I have & regularly presents a thorough, punctual monthly report."
Stuart Stanley
Founder of RING

Frequently Asked Questions

Content comes in different forms, so the range of cost estimates can vary depending on the project’s scope. The pricing can also depend on who you choose to work with—freelance content marketing writers and designers or content marketing agencies. Meanwhile, some agencies offer packages that cover the number of content assets, promotion, and strategy reports. 


We can’t really give a concrete number for its cost. But if you’re looking to partner with an agency that offers content marketing in the Philippines, you’re in the right place. Simply shoot us a message and get a proposal.

Absolutely not. That will be considered plagiarizing, and you can get in some serious trouble if you copy content from other websites. Being original is what will set you apart from your competitors. Producing quality content materials promotes audiences’ trust in your brand. 


This is where partnering with a content marketing agency comes in handy. Our content marketing services are results-oriented. Capr Digital’s dynamic content team is ready to showcase their expertise to help your business thrive with excellent content. We want to build a strong relationship with you through great work.

The incredible thing about content marketing is it serves a myriad of purposes. Apart from the fact that Google and other search engines like quality content, this marketing discipline boosts the credibility of your brand and drives traffic and revenue. 


How does it drive traffic? It’s simple. Your customer persona goes through three stages: the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. When they realize that they have a problem (awareness), they proceed to research (opportunity to interact with your business’s piece of relevant content) to understand how to address it and look for solutions (consideration). They then choose the solution that will work best for them (decision). 


Therefore, the right content marketing strategies that reflect your business goals can attract potential customers, establish a relationship with them, and bring them one step closer to making a purchase or getting your service. As you use content to grow your customer base, you generate more traffic and increase sales.

Like any other marketing discipline, it’s crucial to monitor your content performance to determine your ROI. Some of the metrics being tracked in content marketing to measure success and improve strategies are web traffic, impressions and click-through rate, conversions, and content shares and backlinks. 


Working with an agency is a practical way to help your business measure your content performance, understand what the numbers say, and strategize for better results.

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