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One of the best and most effective ways businesses can boost search visibility online is through search engine optimization (SEO). Capr Digital provides SEO services in the Philippines that seek to elevate your website’s relevance and put your business in front of your target audience.

ecommerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

SEO techniques should be tailor-made for your business needs and goals. We devise an SEO plan to improve your online store's products, categories, brand pages, and other pages.

Our team handles multi-million e-commerce stores with thousands of pages and complex site structures.

Our experienced web developers and UX specialists improve your search presence while giving your customers the best buying experience.

lead generation SEO

Lead Generation SEO

If you do not see as many leads as you expect from your business, this is where SEO comes in to help you generate leads and exceed targets.

Our experienced SEO team has worked on hundreds of conversion-driven SEO campaigns in different industries worldwide.

We can develop strategies that capture the audience ready to learn more about your products, services, and your brand.

local seo philippines

Local SEO

Consumers turn online to look for products, services, and businesses.

Our local SEO strategies help your brand stay relevant, connected, and focused on optimizing your online visibility in local search results.

Reach the local audience within your geographical location with the help of an experienced local SEO company

seo training philippines

SEO Training

SEO fundamentals, strategies, terms and technicalities, tools, and metrics can be confusing and overwhelming to understand.

Capr Digital trains your team to better grasp what SEO is and how it works so you can come up with more effective marketing strategies.

If your business has a website and you wish to tap the right audience and expand your reach, our SEO training program can help your team.

How we do SEO​

The numbers don’t lie. Capr Digital uses a creative and data-driven approach to SEO solutions to drive our clients’ visibility, revenue, and sales upward effectively and efficiently. Our dynamic and experienced team uses tried-and-tested tools and welcomes unconventional ideas to fulfill the intricate needs of our clients.

Keyword Research & Discovery

We conduct keyword research to understand the behavior of your target audience when searching for products, services, and content related to your business. This involves assessing your category pages, evaluating your keyword targeting tactics, and running competitor analysis to find opportunity keywords. 


From rankings to links, we utilize the best tools to analyze traffic, calculate relevant metrics, evaluate your website’s strengths and weaknesses, determine top-performing pages and converting keywords, and uncover opportunities to streamline our SEO tactics. Data is our friend here at Capr.

SEO process cycle

On-page Implementation

From title tags to meta descriptions to header text and images, we optimize on-page elements using the target keywords relevant to your content, ensuring that your website pages are in great shape to index in search results. Our highly experienced team does this while making sure that your website abides by Google’s Quality Guidelines. 

Link/Authority Building

We extend the same efforts into boosting your on-page SEO to your off-page SEO or your website’s backend element through link building for driving organic traffic. We use modern techniques and a clean approach to gaining quality backlinks to your page from authority and reputable sites.

Why work with us

If your website is not on the first page of the search engine result pages, you’re missing out on precious leads. And that’s why we’re here.

With over 10+ years of experience in SEO, Capr Digital is a digital marketing company that provides SEO services that help businesses get in front of their target customers. The Capr Digital team has successfully worked on 400+ SEO campaigns in various industries, both local and international. 

We offer a fully customizable SEO service to ensure we’re hitting the right goals and giving businesses the online presence boost they need. We will evaluate the website first for fair service pricing. Share your business goals with us, and we’ll look for ways to achieve them one step at a time. 

Appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or other search engines with the help of a reliable SEO agency in the Philippines. When you partner with Capr Digital,  expect unlock more opportunities and reach greater heights. Rest assured that your business is in good company.


What our clients say about us

"The work done on my website has been incredibly valuable. I have noticed a large upturn in organic traffic directly related to the SEO work that was carried out. I was nervous about employing somebody from overseas (I’m based in the UK), but the distance has been no problem at all. The team is always quick to respond to any queries I have & regularly presents a thorough, punctual monthly report."
Stuart Stanley
Founder of RING

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of updating website elements using various techniques to help a website, web pages, or piece of content index and rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO focuses on optimizing a website, including the quantity and quality of traffic to your website and other site elements, making them more visible in search engines using target keywords and SEO best practices to show up on top of the search results organically (without using ads).

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are excellent channels for gaining online visibility, driving traffic to your website, and establishing brand trust and authority in your industry. When you use the right strategies and tactics, businesses can tap on potential customers and convert those leads into paying customers.

SEO is not just about earning ANY traffic—it should be valuable traffic. Know that quality traffic cannot be delivered overnight. It takes time and a lot of effort to generate quality traffic to earn your business more visibility, potential leads, and increased revenue. You need trained and experienced digital marketers to achieve this.

Search marketing has two categories: SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The latter is a process that utilizes both SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing to rank on search engines. SEM uses paid strategies to gain online visibility and show up in search.

Simply put, SEM search placements carry an “Ad” icon, while SEO drives organic results. Both disciplines use keyword research, but with SEM, you set up paid ads for your targeted keywords and pay for every time a user clicks on the ad. The results are immediate with SEM, but SEO delivers more valuable results over time.

It depends. This may sound elusive, but hear us out.

You need to consider several factors when it comes to pricing. For example: the size of your website (the more pages that need optimizing, the higher the cost) and industry (some businesses have fewer competitors while others are in more SEO-competitive fields). In addition, the rate can also depend on the scope of the project.

There are many other considerations, but these are some of the things agencies look at when establishing their prices.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. However, it boils down to your goals and how much time and budget you’re willing to invest. Do you have the resources and time to build your own SEO team? Or would you instead allocate funds to utilize the skills and expertise of SEO professionals from an agency?

Note that quality work and excellent results come at an expense. If you want an experienced and scalable team, working with an agency is your best bet. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending more time and resources hiring and training people for better brand knowledge, you can opt to do it in-house.

We may be biased. We’re a marketing agency after all. For best results in a significantly short time, go the agency way. The decision lies where your priorities are.

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